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Paese: Francia

Philippe Russe

Dr. Russe has been a dental surgeon since 1984 and started placing implants in 1988. Since then, he graduated to 3 University degrees in Implant surgery and prosthetics (PARIS 7), Biomaterials and calcified tissues (ANGERS) and Implant biomechanics (TROYES). He has given over 400 lectures worldwide. He is a member of the board of the French Association of lmplantologists and Expert to the Court of Appeal of Reims and the Director of the RIIR , Reims Implant Institute. His publications and lectures focus on advanced surgery such as original techniques of sinus elevation and nerve repositioning and on the esthetic zone with reference to hard and soft tissue management. Ongoing clinical studies are conducted on sinus reconstruction and the use of narrow implants in the esthetic zone with over 200 3/0 implants documented.Vedi tutti i corsi