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País: Estados Unidos

Daniel Llop

Daniel R. Llop, CDT, is the founder and president of the
nSequence Center for Advanced Dentistry. He graduated from
the Institute of Dental Technology in 1982 with a Bachelor of
Science in Dental Technology and Dental Technology
Management. Having become a world renowned inventor and
specialist in his field, Daniel continues to be at the forefront of
new technologies and innovations in all areas of implant and
reconstructive dentistry. Of particular focus are CT guided endto-end
solutions, software development, fully guided
instrumentation, virtual patient & 3D facially driven treatment
planning, occlusion and prosthetics. Daniel is on the faculty for
the Pikos Institute located in Florida and PermaDontics in
Southern California. Daniel has been published nationally and
internationally. Some of his work can be seen in Compendium
of Continuing Education in Dentistry, Journal of Prosthetic
Dentistry, Dentistry Today, Journal of the California Dental
Association, CAD-CAM Dentistry Journal, JDT and Dental Lab
Products, The OSTEOPERIOSTEAL Flap, and 3D Imaging
Technologies for Facial Plastic Surgery.Ver los cursos de este ponente