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Ce sont des experts mondialement reconnus qui transmettent leur savoir avec passion, offrant une opportunité unique d’apprendre, de partager et de se perfectionner pour tous les spécialistes et professionnels du dentaire.

Pays: Royaume-Uni

Ian Brook

Prof. Brook graduated with a dental degree from the University of Liverpool in 1978. Hospital posts in Liverpool, London (The Middlesex and St. Bartholomew´s), Truro and Aberdeen, UK, followed. Appointed to the University of Sheffield, UK, in 1983, he gained his MDS in 1986 for ‘In vitro studies into the development of intra-oral inserts for the controlled delivery of drugs’, and his PhD in 1994 for studies into the biocompatibility of glassionomer cements. In the clinical field Prof. Brook´s interests lie in the field of dental implantology and in maintaining standards. He has published over 100 papers and 200 scientific abstracts.
Prof brook is currently in Specialist Private Practice.Voir toutes les formations de ce conférencier