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Expand your offering with precision-engineered NobelProcera restorations

Create NobelProcera restorations with 3Shape System

Why produce with NobelProcera?

Upgrade your 3Shape Dental System™ at no additional cost and gain access to precision-manufactured abutments, implant crowns, implant bridges and crowns from NobelProcera.

You can update your product libraries with:

  • NobelProcera Implant Bridges1
  • NobelProcera Implant Crowns
  • NobelProcera Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) Abutments
  • NobelProcera Abutments 
  • NobelProcera Crowns and Copings

Supported software and scanners

Supported 3Shape® Software versions

– 2017 Version:

– 2016 Version: -

– 2015 Versions: -

– 2014 Versions: -

– 2013 Versions: -

– 2012 Version:

Supported scanners

3Shape® desktop scanners:

D500, D640, D700, D710, D720, D750, D800, D810, D850, D900, D900L, D1000, D2000

E1, E2, E3

Intraoral scanners:

– TRIOS® I, II and III generation 

– iTero® I and II generation, iTero® Element   

– 3M™ True Definition Scanner I and II generation, 3M™ Mobile True Definition Scanner

Download DMEs


Download the relevant NobelProcera DME files for your 3Shape Dental SystemTM below. Product specific design requirements that meet NobelProcera's high quality standards are automatically installed with the file.

Learn how to set up your 3Shape Dental SystemTM (PDF)

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* If you have already installed one or more DME for Software Versions or lower on your computer: We recommend deleting these DME files before you install one of the "DME files for Software Versions and higher" (to avoid that products are listed twice in the selection "Kit"). DME files can be deleted in the control panel of your 3Shape Dental System (go to the section "Implant Systems", delete all "Nobel Biocare implant system kits and "empty the recycle bin". Then, go to the section "Materials", delete all Nobel Biocare materials and "empty the recycle bin". Then, close the control panel and select to save).

1 Not available in multilayered full-contour zirconia.