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Popular education network for women expands

by: Vibeke Oestergaard

The goals of the Nobel Biocare Esthetic Group are perfecting skills, acquiring new ones and establishing an inspiring network of fellow female dentists and dental technicians from around the world.

The Nobel Biocare Esthetic Group

Because she observed that many female dentists and dental technicians lacked natural professional networks, Jutta Roberts of Nobel Biocare in Sweden started such an organization for training, education and support. Here, members in Sweden select instruments for hands-on implant placement training.

The demand for an education network just for women has turned out to be so great over the last few years that the founder of the Nobel Biocare Esthetic Group has recently established a network to include younger female dentists and dental technicians as well.

More and more countries are experiencing an increase in the number of female dentists and dental technicians. Surprisingly, research shows that female dentists are currently much less likely to place implants than their male colleagues.

In 2006, Jutta Roberts from Nobel Biocare Sweden turned this challenge into an opportunity as she established the Nobel Biocare Esthetic Group, an education network that supports the personal and professional development of female dentists and dental technicians. Roberts was, and still is, driven by a wish to help women grow and develop.

“About ten years ago, I discovered that many female dentists and dental technicians lack natural networks,” she says. “I wanted to create such a network and establish a place where women can educate themselves and grow with us. With our well-regarded training & education programs, Nobel Biocare is the ideal partner—with the ideal platform—for these women.”

Exclusive group with dedicated members

The Esthetic Group was originally launched in Sweden and quickly expanded into the other Nordic countries, where interest was high. The group offers female dentists and dental technicians a unique network of female colleagues, as well as a variety of training programs, that take place all over the world. 

From the beginning, Roberts made sure that only active, dedicated professionals joined the group:

“It is very important to me that the members of the group don’t feel anonymous. In order to ensure intensive learning experiences and to maintain a focus on personal development, we generally meet in groups of no more than 20 members.”

In addition to attending courses on a variety of topics in countries such as Canada, Portugal, and Croatia, the Esthetic Group gets together for a festive dinner every year in December. 

At this event, the Nobel Biocare “Woman of the Year” prize is awarded for an “outstanding performance within the field of esthetic dentistry and for inspiring commitment to develop the Nobel Biocare Esthetic Group.” 

Last year, the Nobel Biocare Esthetic Group Nordic went on a study trip to Brazil. Among other things, they attended a course taught by Dr. Robert Carvalho Da Silva at the P-I Brånemark Institute in Bauru.

Morale booster

Susanne Berglund from Sweden, who joined the Esthetic Group in 2006, finds her membership very rewarding:

“For me as a solo practitioner, the Esthetic Group has had a great impact on my professional—as well as my social—self-confidence. The group and the membership sharpen the quality of my work and inspire me to stay updated on the newest information within dentistry.”

Her colleague and compatriot Eva Thoresson agrees: “I have to praise Jutta Roberts. She has created a unique meeting place, where every member of the group has learned much more about our profession and gained a greater degree of self-assurance through new professional acquaintances and friendships.” 

“Both the subjects and the settings of the courses are chosen with great care,” Thoresson continues. “Jutta Roberts has proved that the world is small by creating strong international links between like-minded people around the globe.”

Next Gen group taking off

The popularity of the network among female dental professionals and the company alike has prompted Roberts to establish a network for younger female dentists and dental technicians as well: the Next Generation Esthetic Group.

“With the Next Gen group, we support the young generation and help them to get a great start to their careers,” says Roberts. “We support their professional and personal development by offering training programs as well as the opportunity to discuss their daily work and challenges with the other members of the Esthetic Group.”

And it does not stop there. As the number of female dentists and dental technicians increases all over the world, the Nobel Biocare Esthetic Group is looking to create networks in other countries as well.

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