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Immediate Function in the esthetic zone lecture online

by: Frederic Love

Both a prolific author of scientific articles and a popular lecturer, Dr. Joseph Kan is an expert in evidence-based immediate tooth replacement in the esthetic zone.

Dr. Joseph Khan lectures on Immediate Function in the esthetic zone

Speaking on the science and biology of immediate implant placement and tooth replacement in the anterior region, Dr. Joseph Kan of Yorba Linda, California, in the United States, has recently lectured at symposia and conferences in both America and Europe.

This lecture, which is now available at, takes the viewer on a journey through immediate implant placement and restoration in situations where esthetic demands are rightfully high. Dr. Kan surveys the prosthetic, surgical and biological aspects of this form of immediate placement, and makes recommendations on how best to manage the buccal plate and maintain and optimize an esthetic gingival contour in anterior implant cases.

He also explains how crucial the interaction of implant design, diameter and position is vis-à-vis the extraction socket configuration.

Using a classification system of the sagittal root position that he and co-authors developed to improve treatment planning in the maxilla, Kan also explains how our new Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) abutment and accompanying Omnigrip tooling can make most cemented anterior solutions obsolete.

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