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Setting a smarter standard

by: Martin Gerlach

Nobel Biocare presents the first-ever iPad®-operated drill motor.

Setting a Smarter Standard

The intuitive user interface of the OsseoCare Pro, combined with its unique handling features, provides clinicians and their patients with high treatment efficiency and increased security at the same time.

The innovative OsseoCare Pro drill motor is part of a continuing effort by Nobel Biocare to shape a more efficient digital treatment flow with patient safety at the forefront.

The iPad®-operated OsseoCare Pro drill motor has added some new and innovative features to the latest application update, which is now available in the Apple® App Store.

New adaptable drilling protocols allow users to create and save their own drilling procedures by changing or adding steps for each and all of their preferred implant systems.

Additionally, OsseoCare Pro users can now use their handpiece of choice and switch between different contra-angles and handpiece ratios during surgery. A new note-taking feature allows users to keep a more effective overview of surgery, with the ability to add notes before, during and after surgery. These notes can then be incorporated into automatically generated case reports.

The perfect marriage of advanced features

The combination of a powerful micromotor with a small contra-angle handpiece — all run via an innovative iPad® interface—sets this device apart from the more traditional solutions on the market.

The MX-i LED micromotor is one of the lightest and most powerful available, while the contra-angle has an exceptionally small head for easy access in areas with limited space.

The contra-angle is equipped with a double LED system that ensures both ample and stable lighting during surgery, while the option of combining internal and external irrigation ensures optimal cooling. Launched in partnership with Bien-Air Dental SA, the OsseoCare Pro has been optimized with preprogrammed drilling protocols for all Nobel Biocare implants — free-hand as well as guided — in order to provide increased safety during the surgical procedure.

Using the OsseoCare Pro, the operator has the possibility at his or her fingertips to immediately adjust the drilling protocol to the bone density at hand.

What’s more, the operator can prepare all the osteotomies in a single sequence, easily switching between multiple sites while, at the same time, retaining the predefined protocol for each individual implant.

Always up-to-date at the App Store

Available free of charge from the Apple® App Store, the OsseoCare Pro application delivers user-friendly operations during surgery and opens up numerous avenues for user-defined customization.

For better treatment preparation and increased safety, the intuitive iPad® interface makes it possible to plan and set up the treatment sequence prior to surgery. Pre-programmed free-hand and guided drilling protocols further enhance safety, while the speed, torque, irrigation flow and light intensity can easily be adjusted through the application. 

The OsseoCare Pro even includes a built-in recording and exporting function, which allows patient files to be stored and conveniently sent to referral doctors. This function gives users the opportunity to check, print, and share all procedural data, including implants placed, drill speeds, torque values and the level of irrigation flow.

The app also allows multiple-user log-ins to further facilitate the sharing of treatment data between any number of clinical partners. In order to provide users with the latest improvements and system performance enhancements, new features and functions will continually be added to the application and updated regularly.

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