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OsseoCare Pro at work

by: Frederic Love

An early adopter shares some of his first impressions.

Dr. Roland Glauser was one of the first dentists in the world to put the OsseoCare Pro through its paces. In the following article, he explains how the first dental drill motor ever to be operated by an iPad® enhances productivity and security for the benefit of both his patients and himself. 

Ever since the final hardware and the first software versions were available a year ago, Dr. Roland Glauser of Zurich, Switzerland, has been routinely using the  OsseoCare Pro on a daily basis. “It’s that good an instrument,” he says, “reliable and remarkably easy to use.” 

From a layman’s point-of-view, the stylish industrial design is the first thing one notices. “Well, certainly,” Glauser concedes, “the equipment configuration is an obvious eye-catcher for the staff and the patient. With its clean, clinical design, and the integrated iPad®, it represents a new technology for medical and surgical use.”

Dr. Glauser recently provided the editors of Nobel Biocare News with a photograph of the handpiece, taken during one of his first surgeries using the OsseoCare Pro. “The small size of the handpiece and the integrated, very strong LED illumination have enhanced access and overview in the surgical field.” Aside from the distinctive visual improvements pioneered by the OsseoCare Pro, many clinicians say the handpiece simply feels better in their hands. 

“I couldn’t agree more,” says Glauser. “The small handpiece weighs less than any other handpiece I’ve ever used, and it is very easy to handle. You should also consider this: The lighter the weight, the better the tactility, which transmits important information on bone quality and resistance via sense-of-touch feedback when you’re drilling.” 

Both compact and durable 

Although lightweight in many of its  parts, the OsseoCare Pro is as robust in every detail as it is diminutive in its design. “I think of it as strong engineering,” says Glauser. “The mechanical power of the handpiece allows not only for high insertion torque values— much higher than other machines— but also provides the good traction necessary to generate the torques. Very impressive! Drilling, even in dense bone conditions, is very fast and straightforward, which means, of course, that the overall surgical trauma can be reduced.”

For the sake of increased safety and efficacy, the OsseoCare Pro features stable torque and rotation speed. Smart Logic technology constantly adapts power according to the desired speed, and even at a very low speed, the torque and rotation are perfectly controlled. “The iPad® app that controls the drill motor lives up to this platform’s reputation for a great graphical user interface. It’s all very user friendly. The steps to go through for setting up a surgical protocol are more or less self-explanatory.”

He also says that his patients are inevitably impressed when they see their names appear on the iPad® in conjunction with the surgical workflow. “This clearly indicates that we arewell prepared for the upcoming procedures and provides peace of mind for our patients. It shows that we have personalized the plan for eachof them, which further strengthens the relationship of trust between the patient and the doctor.” How about using the OsseoCare Pro to store, check, print and export  data? “It’s a big plus that clinical documentation of the implant installation can be monitored for immediate reference and stored if one wants to add it to the patient’s file for future reference.” 

The OsseoCare Pro has been getting good marks for set-up and user friendliness. Dr. Roland Glauser obviously agrees: ”My assistant has found the equipment very easy to install and assemble. What’s more, it’s proven itself over and over again to be very easy to clean and prepare for the next surgery.  “All in all, this is the best drill controller I’ve ever used.” 

… and more iPad® app news

NobelClinician and the NobelClinician Communicator iPad® app already provide convenient platforms to present NobelClinician treatment plans to patients. Now NobelClinician users can transfer their treatment plans with ease to OsseoCare Pro. This new connection—ready to use today—is the first part of the upcoming digital treatment workflow, and makes it possible to transfer the digital planning treatment file from NobelClinician directly to the intelligent OsseoCare Pro drill unit for either free-hand or guided surgeries. 

After the surgery, patient-specific data is exported back to NobelClinician and stored in the fully encrypted NobelClinician file for later reference and traceability.

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