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One streamlined flow

by: Jim Mack

Integrated and efficient treatment workflow gives clinicians and labs the option to connect.

Providing the best in dental treatment care is rarely a one-person show. Collaboration is often essential—and shared responsibilities can actually increase efficiency.

Nobel Biocare’s integrated and efficient treatment workflow connects the NobelClinician Software with the NobelProcera 2G System, NobelGuide and OsseoCare Pro, offering a straightforward process from diagnosis to restoration.1 The workflow even brings in dental labs using NobelProcera at the planning stage with new scanning capabilities that provide a full diagnostic view.

Linking each step into an integrated workflow can offer predictable results in less time. From clinical diagnostics to implant placement, each step is seamlessly linked by the NobelConnect network, giving you the option to select only what you need for treatment success. Guided surgery is an option at any point during planning with no need for another patient visit.

Communicate convincingly

The visual nature of the digitized treatment plan using NobelClinician is very useful when explaining treatment proposals to patients. With the NobelClinician Communicator iPad® app, the treatment can be presented at the planning stage in a way that is quickly understood by patients and treatment partners alike.

Predictable outcomes

The workflow’s integrated approach makes it possible to achieve the functional and esthetic outcome you planned while avoiding potential surprises. You can also better estimate the full treatment cost in advance. Imagine being able to access your data or easily and securely share your treatment plan with colleagues and partners anywhere. With NobelConnect, your planning information is securely stored and available in the office, at home or while traveling.

With less work and more predictable treatment, the new integrated workflow offers efficiencies that will help you grow.

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1 For partially edentulous patients only.