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Wide platform results

Combined with Immediate Function, NobelSpeedy Groovy wide platform provides a natural platform shift and leads to good peri-implant bone stability and healthy peri-implant mucosa.

The first published data1 on NobelSpeedy Groovy 6.0 mm wide platform implants used exclusively in the molar area showed 98.1% CSR at 1 year. The data were presented at EAO as part of a restrospective consecutive case series in a single center. The wide platform provides a natural platform shift and resulted in minimal bone level changes of –0.17 mm ± 1.84 from implant insertion to 12 months, and -0.01 mm ± 0.39, from 6 months to 12 months, and healthy peri-implant mucosa as per BOP and papilla index measurements.

The authors attribute these excellent results to “the wide implant diameter (6 mm), the osseointegrative properties of the TiUnite surface and the [NobelSpeedy] implant geometry with grooves, as well as the immediate loading protocol.”

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Antoun et al., Clin Oral Implants Res. 2014; 25 Suppl:1-704, EAO 2014 poster #346