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NobelProcera customized zirconia abutments – 10+ years and counting

Excellent biological and technical long-term outcomes for zirconia abutments.

NobelProcera zirconia abutment

This retrospective study1 confirms the technical and biological excellence of zirconia abutments for single-implant restorations over more than 10 years of function.

It investigated the clinical outcomes of 30 NobelProcera customized zirconia abutments in 23 patients, with a minimum of 10 years’ follow-up. Restorations were either one-piece with veneering porcelain baked directly onto the screw-retained zirconia abutment (n=16) or a cemented alumina crown (n=14). No fracture and only clinically insignificant chipping was observed.

Peri-implant mucosa covered the crown-abutment connection around all but four restorations. The peri-implant bone level after 10 years showed only minor changes from placement (–0.26mm±0.6). Patients and dentists alike were extremely satisfied with the esthetics (significantly correlated) and function of the single-implant restorations.

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1 Ekfeldt et al., Clinical Oral Implants Research. 2016 Sep; doi: 10.1111/clr.12975

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