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NobelActive 3-year follow-up

by: Nobel Biocare News

Continued high survival, stable bone levels and significant improvements in soft tissue with NobelActive implants placed in extraction sites with Immediate Function.(Kolinski et al. J Periodontol. 2013. [Epub] )

NobelActive® 3-year follow-up

Results showed 98.3% cumulative survival of NobelActive implants at 3 years of follow-up. Marginal bone remodeling showed a non-significant mean gain of 0.30 ± 1.62 mm in implants evaluated both at implant insertion and 3-year follow-up. Jemt papilla score increased significantly (P < 0.001).

Patients experienced significant increases in function, esthetics, sense, speech and self-esteem from baseline to 3 year follow-up. Theauthors conclude that NobelActive is a safe and effective implant for use under demanding conditions—like immediate loading in extractionsockets—and provides a high degree of patient satisfaction.

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