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NobelActive 3.0 safe and reliable

by: Jim Mack

Safety and efficacy evaluated with various loading protocols

NobelActive® 3.0 safe and reliable

At the International Osteology Symposium in Monaco, May 2–4, 2013, the results of a novel narrow 3.0 mm diameter NobelActive implant were presented. Safety and efficacy were evaluated with various loading protocols in this multi-center retrospective analysis.1

The feasibility of narrow 3.0 mm diameter NobelActive implants in anterior areas with limited space or for replacement of congenitally missing teeth has been demonstrated with a variety of loading protocols at six centers. One of 29 implants placed in 24 patients was lost related to study-unrelated trauma (automobile accident) at two months of follow-up.

At one year of follow-up, all remaining implants survived, soft tissue evaluation showed no bleeding on probing, and good papilla index scores were observed. The authors concluded that the 3.0 mm NobelActive implant is a safe and viable option in anterior areas with limited space.


Russe P., Cherry J., Hermans M., Polizzi G., Sisodia N., Villata L. A tapered variable-thread design implant with a 3.0 mm diameter placed in the anterior region. Interim results of a retrospective study with one year follow-up. International Symposium Osteology, Monaco, May 2–4, 2013, Poster abstract #133.

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