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New book explores cementation on implant posts

According to Cementation in Dental Implantology, cementation during the restorative phase of oral implant-based treatment can be the source of significant problems.

Nevertheless, too few dentists have a clear understanding of why related disease processes arise, and there is a similar lack of awareness of the factors to be considered in cement selection.

This book examines in detail the issues associated with cementation in dental implantology, with a particular focus on residual excess cement and its consequences. It provides reliable guidance on cement selection and use on the basis of the latest scientific research.

Among the topics addressed are microbial aspects of cement selection, new abutment designs, esthetic considerations, margin placement, and the role of radiography. The relation of peri-implant disease to residual excess cement is explored in depth, and alternatives to the cementation process are also considered. All of the chapters have been written by leading experts in restorative and surgical dental implantology.

According to the editor, Dr. Chandur Wadhwani, the information supplied is designed to change the way in which the dentist thinks and practices by replacing assumptions and reliance on anecdotes with evidence-based knowledge.

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