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Is peri-implantitis overdiagnosed?

As Professor Tomas Albrektsson pointed out in the most recent issue of Nobel Biocare News, bone remodelling and bone loss occur for very different reasons. In a new Scottish Dental Magazine article (that provides one hour of Continuing Professional Development credit), three other authorities on the subject have weighed in on the topic.


Dr. Pierluigi Coli, Dr. Kevin Lochhead and Professor Lars Sennerby point to a clear risk of overdiagnosis of disease (i.e., peri-implantitis) when using traditional periodontal diagnostic techniques in conjunction with dental implants. They suggest that “using periodontal indices to monitor dental implant health may not only be unnecessary but in many circumstances may result in patients receiving treatment that they don’t need.”

The authors clearly demonstrate that, from a morphological point of view, the tooth and the implant represent two different entities, which cannot be directly compared. The former is the result of millions of years of evolution and is built-up by highly differentiated and specialized tissues. The latter is osseointegrated into the bone as the result of a foreign body reaction, which results in soft and bone tissue interfaces consisting of lowly differentiated scar tissues. Read more and take the CPD accredited quiz in the Nov/Dec issue of the Scottish Dental Magazine.

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