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Improved patient comfort with guided surgery

Direct comparison of guided and freehand implant placement confirms that patients experience less post-operative discomfort after the guided procedure.

The study1 prospectively compared treatment planning and execution using the NobelClinician planning software and the NobelGuide guided surgery protocol (n=25 patients) with freehand surgery (n=26 patients) in rehabilitating partially and fully edentulous patients.

Outcome measures assessed 1 year after loading included prosthesis and implant failures, complications, peri-implant bone level changes, variables associated with time and cost of treatment, post-surgical pain and swelling, consumption of pain killers, and patient satisfaction. Guided surgery resulted in significantly less post-operative pain (P = 0.002) and less swelling (P = 0.024).

Although there were no other statistically significant differences between the two groups, the NobelClinician/NobelGuide group had no implant or prosthesis failures and showed a favorable peri-implant bone response; and all patients in the guided surgery group would agree to undergo the same treatment in the future.

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1 Pozzi et al., Eur J Oral Implantol. 2014 Autumn;7(3):229-42

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