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Implants are not generic

by: Nobel Biocare News

Early failures doubled when switching to a new chemically altered surface implant. (Hujoel et al. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2013.)

Implants are not generic

In a single-center quality-control study, the failure rates of 860 porous oxidized surface (POS) and 759 chemically altered surface (CAS) implants were assessed. The POS implant failure rates (4%) were significantly lower than the CAS implants at 8% (P=0.0146). Failures were not associated with any other analyzed variable including: implant length and diameter, type of surgery, location, bone quantity and quality.

As a result of this quality study, the clinic abandoned the use of CAS implants and returned to POS implants. Although not statistically significant, the change showed a 64% reduction in failures within less than 1 year.

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