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Healthy tissue and low complication rates for zirconia abutments

Clinical follow-up reveals excellent results for zirconia abutments on NobelReplace and NobelActive implants.

The study1 retrospectively (1-12 years’ follow-up) compared five implant systems: two with a standard platform design, 3i (n=21) and Nobel-Replace (n=50), and three with a platform switch design, Astra (n=26), NobelActive (n=12), and Straumann BL (n=49), to replace single anterior teeth.

Regarding soft and hard tissue responses, the bleeding-on-probing (BoP) levels were lower but not significant for platform switch vs. standard platform designs (BoP+ 4% vs. 12%, p= 0.2744), and platform switch designs showed significantly less bone loss (0.5–0.7 mm vs. 1.9–2.0 mm at 4-5 year evaluation, p< 0.000001).

Zirconia abutments on NobelReplace and NobelActive implants experienced no fractures, and, those on NobelActive implants had no other complications, which trended toward better performance than all other systems in terms of prosthetic success.  


Passos et al., Clin Oral Implants Res. 2014 [Epub]

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