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Evidence supporting TiUnite

by: Ruth Bloechlinger

Two recent studies demonstrate the superiority of TiUnite over machined implants at up to 9 years follow-up.

Evidence supporting TiUnite®

TiUnite outperforms machined implants in terms of survival and marginal bone remodeling in two recent long-term studies.1

Polizzi et al. (2013) retrospectively shows a CSR 96.6% for TiUnite compared to 90.3% for machined implants at 6–9 years and Rocci et al. (2013) demonstrates a CSR of 95.5% for TiUnite versus 85.5% for machined implants at 9 years. Both were statistically significant. TiUnite also demonstrated an advantage in terms of mean marginal bone remodeling in both studies, although statistically significant only in the study by Polizzi. After 9 years, TiUnite continues to outperform machined implants.

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