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Brånemark implants – over 30 years in function

Brånemark implants can support screw-retained prostheses for over 30 years without any major complications.

Reports of 30-year clinical outcomes of implant treatments are rare in the literature. A retrospective analysis1 reports no implant loss (100% implant survival rate) in four women available for follow-up 30 years after receiving a total of 28 Brånemark System implants.

The implants supported five screw-retained fixed dental prostheses (FDPs) and only one FDP needed replacement (80% prosthesis survival rate).

The bone tissue was also maintained healthy and stable (average marginal bone level: 2.6 ±0.5 mm).

This study shows that FDPs supported by Brånemark System implants are a good long-term and frequently a life-long solution for patients.

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1 Turkyilmaz and Tözüm, Implant Dent 2015;24:620–624 Read more