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"The manufacturer matters" with implant prosthetics

An in vitro fatigue test of 4 different abutment types shows Nobel Biocare third-party CAD/CAM abutments have high resistance to failure.

NobelProcera abutments

This ITI-sponsored study1 used a modified ISO protocol to test the performance of 4 different CAD/CAM abutments on Straumann implants. In this comparison, Nobel Biocare third-party abutments had highest resistance to failure and outperformed those of Glidewell, Astra, and Straumann.

Importantly, the failure modes observed in the study mimicked those present in a real-life setting, indicating the clinical relevance of these findings. The 4 different abutment types look extremely similar upon clinical examination; however, they differ significantly in performance.

The authors attribute these differences to the design and fabrication technique to conclude that “the manufacturer matters.”

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For availability see: The International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants.