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Zygoma concept for severe resorption

by: Dr. Rubén Davó

Dr. Davó avoided grafting in a severely resorbed maxilla and provided Immediate Function at the same time.

A popular lecturer and a gifted clinical researcher, Dr. Rubén Davó wrote his PhD dissertation on Immediate Function using zygoma implants in 2007. Devoted to spreading the word about his research, and with great experience in the treatment of dentofacial deformities, guided surgery, rehabilitation of patients with atrophied bones and quality of life issues, he shares a difficult yet increasingly common type of case with us here.  

The patient in the case depicted here from 2006 was a 60-year-old woman with severe bone resorption of the upper and lower jaw. When we first met, she wore a complete set of dentures.

Although her chief complaint was discomfort—the dentures were always causing her problems, she said—they were also decreasing her quality of life, not only  from a functional perspective but also from a psychological and social point of view. 

Looking for a better life

In order to improve her quality of life as soon as possible, the patient was looking for improved esthetics combined with Immediate Function. Because she was so eager for a substantial improvement in her situation, she was unwilling to consider a grafting procedure as an alternative form of treatment. 

A good candidate

Despite the fact that the patient had been completely edentulous for ten years and displayed severe bone resorption, her overall health was quite good. She had no systemic illnesses, nor any allergies. 

We proceeded to analyze the quantity and quality of the available bone with the help of NobelClinician Software, and decided to rehabilitate the maxilla using Brånemark System Zygoma and NobelReplace Tapered Groovy implants.


For the mandible, we chose to use the All-on-4® treatment concept, basing it in this case on Nobel-Replace Tapered Groovy implants.

Precision-milled, fixed NobelProcera Implant Bridges were produced for the final prostheses in both the maxilla and the mandible. My colleague Dental Technician Juan Pedro Ramos then created the prosthetics depicted in the adjoining figures.

Based on the patient’s request, an Immediate Function protocol was implemented, and she remains very happy with the results today, nine years later.

The time for total treatment? The fixed provisional prostheses were provided within 48 hours, and the total treatment time amounted to six months. 

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