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Updated and extended range of retrieval instrumentation

by: Jim Mack

Although our implants and restorative components rarely need to be replaced, we provide a complete line of rescue instruments to deal with such uncommon circumstances.

The new retrieval instrumentation array consists of implant, abutment, and abutment screw retrieval instruments for any retrieval situation involving a Nobel Biocare component. The range is divided into three specialized kits, and will be available to customers this spring.

The implant retrieval kit includes both the Implant Retrieval Instrument for more straightforward implant retrieval cases, and the Trephine Drill for cases where the implant is extremely well osseointegrated.

The abutment/clinical screw retrieval kit consists of three types of instruments: the Abutment Screw Remover, which can be used when the screw is easily accessible; and the Reserve Drills and Abutment Screw Retrieval Instruments for more complicated cases.      

As far as abutment retrieval is concerned, dedicated abutment retrieval instruments are available for conical connection abutments in zirconia and titanium. For other abutments and simple cases, a general Abutment Release Pin—also part of the abutment retrieval kit—is recommended. 

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