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by: Frederic Love

This summer in New York, Nobel Biocare President Hans Geiselhöringer spoke to the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium at the Waldorf Astoria under the banner, “Where Innovation Comes to Life.” The audience was eager to hear about the company’s latest products and solutions, which promised to transform the theme from the abstract to the tangible. They weren’t disappointed.

The audience consisted of some of the most-experienced dental professionals on the planet. Some of them had come to New York to lecture or lead a master class, others came to watch, listen and learn. As the meetings progressed, it became clear that together with Nobel Biocare, they and their profession are currently entering an extraordinary period of development in patient care.

“In the struggle to end edentulism, the company has become the go-to choice for ‘faster, better treatment’ with its cutting-edge, All-on-4® treatment concept,” he stated simply, “and Nobel Biocare provides all the necessary training and education, products, know-how, and support.”

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One tooth at a time

In the single-tooth arena, Nobel Biocare provides the solutions that make immediate placement/immediate loading possible. What sounded like science fiction not long ago, has become hard science—clinically demonstrated, methodically documented, and verified by published, peer-reviewed studies.

In New York, when Geiselhöringer said, “New NobelZygoma and NobelSpeedy implants turn the apparently difficult into the routine,” he was met by knowing nods of agreement among early adopters.

Nobel Biocare offers master classes and hands-on sessions with world-leading educators, bringing key topics to life in new ways.

New ways to work as a team

Restorative dentistry has traditionally been a complex process, in which each step has introduced potential sources for error and misfit. Today— more as teammates than supplier and customers—Nobel Biocare and its partners are changing the world as they change that paradigm.

It has become clear that digital dentistry—along with advances in immediate placement and immediate provisionalization—will play an ever-increasing role in implant dentistry. Nobel Biocare is standing at the forefront of those developments.

Case in point: Nobel Biocare’s integrated treatment workflow already allows for diagnostics, smarter treatment planning and improved communication between all members of the treatment team—as well as with patients.

Innovations featured in New York grew out of clinical requirements, patient needs and scientific research, and have resulted in a superior workflow for temporization at the day of surgery. In other words: “Shorter time-to-teeth!”

Nobel Biocare technology facilitates diagnosis and planning based on accurate intraoral tissue information, the underlying anatomy, and the proposed prosthetic outcome.

Good prosthetics make for a good smile after all, and—like the rest of the team—Nobel Biocare wants your patients to love their smiles. 

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