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Three reasons leading clinicians choose NobelActive 3.0

It’s now three years since Nobel Biocare launched the 3 mm diameter variant of its award-winning NobelActive implant. For many leading clinicians it’s now the implant of choice for treating situations with limited space. Here's why:

1. No more sacrificing healthy teeth


 “Prior to the NobelActive 3.0 implant we had no options for very small distance cases, especially for lower incisors.

“We were forced to sacrifice healthy teeth, cut down otherwise healthy teeth or simply go with orthodontics to close a gap. Now, with the NobelActive 3.0, we have a better treatment modality in small areas and we have found fantastic success with it.” 

Dr. Todd Jorgenson


“We were missing this implant before in order to be able to restore very narrow spaces such as lower mandibular incisors. With NobelActive 3.0, we achieved really nice results especially from an esthetic point of view.”

Dr. Tommaso Cantoni

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2. Strength and stability

NobelActive 3.0 provides the high implant strength that is usually difficult to achieve with small diameter implants. Tests show it offers superior fatigue and torque strength compared with other 3.0 mm implants.1  

With threads that narrow as they approach the apex, and a specially designed implant body, NobelActive implants condense bone during insertion. This leads to high primary stability, even in soft bone and makes it ideal for immediate implant placement. What's more, the reverse cutting flutes with drilling blades on the apex of the implant allow clinicians to adjust the implant position during placement. The result? Optimal restorative orientation.

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3. Part of a family of award winners

Given the choice, most patients would probably opt for an award-winning dental implant. Even before the 3.0 variant was launched, the NobelActive implant family was already established and winning awards. NobelActive implants are recognized for providing high initial stability in all indications and esthetic excellence, and the 3.0 version is no different.

Inaki Gamborena_3.jpg

"The narrow profile of NobelActive 3.0 maintains the high initial stability and strength associated with the original NobelActive. This makes it an implant I trust for treating narrow space cases.”

Dr. Iñaki Gamborena


“The design makes it ideal for excellent initial stability. I was amazed that the implant can routinely be torqued to its max of 45 Ncm."

Dr. Scott MacLean

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Data on file, tests according to ISO 14801 (Five million survival cycles in air, 15Hz)