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The importance of the dental implant surface

by: Chris Kendall

When selecting a dental implant system there are a variety of aspects to consider. One that should not be overlooked is the role of the implant surface. Here, clinicians from around the world explain why they place great importance on selecting an implant system with a proven implant surface.

TiUnite implant surface

Image © Schüpbach Ltd

Dr. Yasin Aktas

Dr. Yasin Aktas, Duisburg, Germany
“Together with the macro design, the micro design plays an important role in enabling immediate implant loading. The interplay between these two elements in Nobel Biocare implant systems, together with drill protocol, makes an immediate loading approach possible in the majority of cases.

“In my experience, implants with the TiUnite surface provide predictable implant osseointegration in all bone qualities, with hardly any implant failures.”

Dr. Reena Talwar-Povoledo

Dr. Reena Talwar-Povoledo, Edmonton, Canada
“In selecting an implant system for my practice, the implant surface is one of the most relevant considerations. The majority of my patients either receive immediate implants or implants into grafted bone. The implant surface is the key to the successful biological integration of the dental implant in these situations.

“The TiUnite surface has provided me with the confidence to predictably and successfully provide my patients with the dental implant treatments they are seeking, helping to restore their smiles and improve their quality of life. It has given me the assurance that the dental implant treatment I am providing my patients will offer both quality and longevity.”  

Dr. S. M. Balaji

Dr. S. M. Balaji, Chennai, India
“I look for a surface that has optimized micro-roughness, which can maximize cellular contact. I choose the dental implant system based on my patients’ requirements, not on any algorithm, and I require all available peer reviewed evidence to take an informed decision on this.

“When the situation demands fast and reliable osseointegration, I have no other recommendation than TiUnite. In my practice, I rely on Nobel Biocare to provide a solution to meet my patients’ challenges and expectations.”

Dr. David Lee Hill

Dr. David Lee Hill, Chapel Hill, US
“In order to meet both patient and referral demands for immediate solutions, it is essential that I select the right dental implant with the right implant surface and surgical protocols for the clinical situation. The TiUnite surface developed by Nobel Biocare is one of the most clinically researched implant surfaces available, and helps me to meet the patient needs of both primary stability and long-term marginal bone maintenance.”