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The basics of growing your implant practice

by: Michael Stuart

Differentiation and patient satisfaction are the key ingredients for practice growth. Same-day implant solutions can offer both. That’s the view of experienced implantologist and practice development expert Dr. Steven Bongard.

Video: Dr. Steven Bongard outlines the basics for growing a dental implant practice.

When he’s not placing implants at the Chrysalis Dental Center in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Bongard (left) travels the world sharing his experience and advice on growing a dental implant practice.

For many dental professionals it’s difficult to know where to start. Dr. Bongard’s first piece of advice? Offer patients what they desire.

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Immediate loading, immediate satisfaction

According to Dr. Bongard, “Patients love the idea of being able to come into the dental office and leave the same day with teeth that they can utilize.

“Same-day solutions can be the key to overcoming some of the common barriers to treatment acceptance and so are often more appealing for patients.

“For many patients losing a tooth is a traumatic event. Being able to remove the problem and put a new tooth in on the same day is a great service to offer and can differentiate your practice from the competition.”

The many potential benefits of Immediate Function protocols include:

  • Fewer surgeries
  • Preservation of the soft tissue architecture around implants
  • Increases patient comfort during osseointegration
  • In many cases patients can start enjoying food again right away

It’s for all these reasons that Nobel Biocare implant systems are designed to support Immediate Function when the indication allows.  

Training & education: find courses in immediate loading protocols

A strategy for success

For Dr. Bongard, reducing time-to-teeth for patients should be at the heart of any plans for long-term practice growth:

“Basically, we can look at products that are easy to market, that have a high patient satisfaction and are easy to sell and present to patients.

“The key is to create an infrastructure that allows you to predictably provide these kind of services. I would focus mainly on same-day solutions as the real strategy to growing your practice.”

Learn more about immediate loading protocols and other techniques and tools for growing your practice by visiting our Practice Resource Center.

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