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Taking learning into their own hands: Nordic NEXT GEN Symposium

by: Michael Stuart

Up-and-coming dental professionals got hands-on with their professional development at our sold-out NEXT GEN Nordic Symposium in Stockholm.

At the award-winning Yasuragi Hasseludden Japanese Spa, 140 participants experienced a unique program in an energizing environment. 

The two-day symposium (April 23-24) ran under the theme “It’s all in your hands” – referring both to the dexterity and skills required to excel in dentistry, and to the need to take responsibility for your own professional development. The theme also alluded to the multiple hands-on courses made available to participants at the event.

Attendees could choose two hands-on sessions from a selection that including training with pig jaws, different bone types, impression taking, temporary solutions, digital planning and team communication.

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There were speaker presentations too, all from leading young specialists. Panel discussions on specific cases were interactive, with the audience able to vote for the treatment option they’d choose before learning what the course of action the specialist actually chose.

After the first day of intensive learning, participants could recharge their energy levels with fine teppanyaki cuisine and relaxation sessions in the Japanese spa. 

A NEXT GEN event needs forward-thinking speakers: The line-up (from L to R) Dr. Eirik A Salvesen, Tinne van Delm, Jill Depiazzi, Dr. Nicole Winitsky, Dr. Robert Nedelcu, Dr. Simon Kold, Dr. Ann Andrè Bergmann, Dr. David Garcia Baeza, Dr. Farid Khodabandehlou.  

What the attendees had to say

For many participants, like Dr. Maziar Nekoui from Sweden, it was the varied program that attracted him to the NEXT GEN Nordic Symposium. “It seemed like a brilliant idea to have several odontological areas under the same roof,” Maziar explained, also referencing “great speakers and the good reputation of Nobel Biocare products” as appealing factors.

For Dr. Per Tronders, also from Sweden, the hands-on training was of particular value: “Nobel Biocare held a symposium in Stockholm with a lot of experienced lecturers and hands-on sessions to suit all levels, whether you are advanced or a beginner.

“The lecturers from all over Europe presented in a professional and humble way when they shared their keynotes and their own clinical cases.

“The hands-on courses gave me a lot of new ideas for the day-to-day work in my private practice. Try it out yourself - you won’t be disappointed!”

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Dr. Linda Silverbris, from southern Sweden (pictured below), also felt the hands-on courses were a highlight. 

According to Dr. Silverbris, “It was beneficial to try, and feel, what it was like to place an implant – the challenges I could encounter and how to solve them.

“The hands-on trainers could answer my questions, and now I feel more comfortable to start with implants in the practice.” 

Hands-on session with pig jaws

Dr. Linda Silverbris hones her skills in a hands-on session with pig jaws

"Go there, you will not regret it"

Dr. Mobin Fakhary enjoyed the interactivity of the Symposium, and also recommends that others experience it for themselves:

“I really enjoyed the hands-on sessions. It is a better way to learn than just sitting and listening to a lecture. Also, it was great that I got the chance to ask the lecturers questions regarding clinical tips and tricks and other difficulties that I've experienced in general or during the hands-on session, which you don't get to do during a lecture.

“I would definitely recommend my colleagues to go to these symposia. I've learned a lot and feel that I really can make use of the knowledge in my own work with my patients. I’m now able to offer them more treatment options than I could before.” 

Dr. Silverbris echoes this recommendation: “It’s inspiring and with a lot of knowledge exchange – lectures, hands-on training and meeting colleagues. Go there. You will not regret it.”

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