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Shorter delivery times for NobelProcera Bridges

As of April, NobelProcera customers will receive precision-­engineered NobelProcera Bridges in zirconia more quickly. Estimated delivery time will be cut from four days to three, helping dental professionals reduce time-­to­-teeth for patients.

NobelProcera production, Mahwah, New Jersey

Investing in speed: State-of-the-art production in Mahwah, NJ, USA.

The time saving is the result of a concerted effort to further enhance efficiency at the NobelProcera production centers in Mahwah, New Jersey, USA, and Chiba, Japan. The center in Mahwah is the largest dental milling center in the world and is already playing a leading role in the industry as a center of excellence for innovation in dental restorations.

Victor Nieto, Vice President, Global Operations at Nobel Biocare says, “We are pleased that we can now offer our customers high-­quality NobelProcera Bridges in less time. Time is precious for dental professionals and patients alike. Across Nobel Biocare we are innovating to offer superior solutions that shorten treatment times. Providing precision-­engineered restorations faster is an important part of this.”

Quality control is also a key concern for the teams at the NobelProcera production sites, with stringent procedures in place to help ensure that customers receive only restorations of the highest quality.

For Luc Rutten, a renowned Master Dental Technician from Belgium, and a recent visitor to the NobelProcera facility in Mahwah, puts it this way: “The plant in Mahwah really impressed me. Quality assurance there is outstanding. After every step in the production process, they carry out a precision review. Rigorous accuracy is maintained at the level of a few microns. The resulting precision of the copings, abutments, bridges, and implant bars in titanium and zirconia leaves nothing to chance—which means that I feel nothing but confidence.”

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