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Set up your implant practice for success with NobelClinician

NobelClinician is now available in a new format that comprises a multi-license package, which can be tailored to your specific needs.

A license to empower your practice

In order to make your practice more efficient and successful, Nobel Biocare is now delivering the NobelClinician Practice Setup. Whether you work in a small or a large clinic, have your own (CB)CT scanner or simply want to improve collaboration between team members, this package sets your practice up for success.

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The software can be adapted to your specific needs, so you get the solution that works best for your practice. The entire team can now access NobelClinician at any computer in the clinic or remotely via NobelConnect, giving them the virtual tools they need to support treatment. What’s more, with this setup, all NobelClinician data is automatically stored in one location, making it easy to back up.

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