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NobelSpeedy Groovy WP – A posterior solution

Wide-diameter (6 mm) immediately provisionalized implants are a safe and successful solution to replace single posterior molars.

Reports of clinical outcomes of wide-diameter implants (≥6 mm) are scarce in the literature. This case series1 investigated the outcomes of wide-diameter implants (NobelSpeedy Groovy WP 6 mm) immediately provisionalized for single molar replacement in healed sites.

After 1 year, the implant showed good survival and success rates (98.1%), and minimal bone remodeling (−0.17 mm). Soft tissue response was particularly positive, with bleeding or inflammation found at only 4.4% and ideal papilla score recorded at 83.8% of sites. No procedure-related or device-related adverse events were reported. This study confirms the safety and effectiveness of wide-platform (6 mm) implants as a valuable posterior solution in a real world setting. 

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1 Antoun et al., International Journal of Dentistry 2016

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