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NobelProcera Hybrid - "like a piece of fine jewelry or art"

by: Michael Stuart

We interviewed Certified Dental Technician, Greg Sederlin, President of Cal Ceram Dental Lab and Vice President, Implants and Removables, at daVinci Dental Studios. Learn how ease-of-use meets restorative flexibility in the new NobelProcera Hybrid.

NobelProcera Hybrid - a safe, affordable and understandable treatment choice

The new NobelProcera Hybrid edentulous restoration saves time and money by relying on a full CAD workflow with its inherent design flexibility. The Hybrid provides a safe, affordable, easy-to-explain treatment choice, and it is perfectly suited for the All-on-4® treatment concept, which enables the restoration of a fully edentulous jaw on just four implants. 

Based on his recent experience of the NobelProcera Hybrid, Greg Sederlin answers a few of our questions about this remarkable product here:

What were your first impressions of the NobelProcera Hybrid bar?

Greg Sederlin: Simply put, the NobelProcera Hybrid bar is beautiful; it is like a piece of fine jewelry or modern art, and at first glance, the finish is stunning. 

At a closer look—and touch—you can see and feel the refinement. The weight is surprising, to say the least, and the fit is superb. 

As a technician with 35 years of experience, I work very diligently to achieve superior results, and all I can say is that my best results come close, but fall short of what NobelProcera computer-aided manufacturing can routinely achieve.

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What do you see as the main benefits of the NobelProcera Hybrid bar, for clinicians and for patients?

Sederlin: There are benefits for everyone involved. As long as proper protocols are followed by the doctor, it is easy to reproduce good fit from case to case with this product. 

Using titanium in prosthetics this way, we can cut down weight as well as a substantial amount of cost from the components, labor and gold that would typically be used in the fabrication of frameworks. 

Lower costs for the Hybrid bar should translate into lower costs for each patient, which could potentially result in more patients being treated—and that is something that would benefit everyone involved in the process.

NobelProcera Wrap around_Hybrid_Implant Bridge

What is it like working with the NobelProcera Hybrid? How is the CAD/CAM workflow? How do the fingers and retention elements help when it comes to working on the acrylic and denture teeth?

Sederlin: The workflow comprises conventional impressions, bite registrations,verifications, and esthetic try-ins, which are made just as they would be in the traditional workflow. 

Instead of the cumbersome process of designing a case inside of a matrix with wax or acrylic, however, with the new NobelProcera Hybrid you design it virtually on the computer in 3D

This allows you to look at all the aspects of the prosthesis that you are creating. You can even assess the intaglio surface through the virtual matrix. This gives you control of the amount of cutback you need for the restorative material that has been chosen for the finish. Given the ability to create retention elements, you can support the individual teeth for a far stronger long-term prosthesis.

Do you see that the Hybrid can play a role in helping convert denture wearers to a fixed implant restoration?

Sederlin: Given a reasonable alternative, I’m convinced that most denture wearers would opt for a “fixed” implant restoration with all its inherent advantages.

Look at the potential disadvantages of removable solutions: Tender areas from pinched nerves, food entrapment under the traditional prosthesis and—with our aging population—even the loss of a denture in a hospital or convalescent facility is a commonly reported mishap these days. And these are just a few of the reasons for converting a patient to this type of restoration. 

With the All-on-4® treatment concept, costs can be greatly reduced vis-à-vis the traditional methods we have used in the past, therefore making the Hybrid an affordable treatment option for a much broader group of patients.

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