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Wide platform NobelActive now available

by: Robert Bañez

The NobelActive range of implants has been an enormous success story in the anterior. Now Nobel Biocare is extending the design advantages of NobelActive to the posterior for the first time.

To condense bone gradually, the tapered body of the NobelActive design features threads that narrow towards the apex, while the apex itself features drilling blades to preserve bone by allowing a smaller osteotomy. These features were all devised to ensure high primary stability, even in soft bone and extraction sockets. 

Simply unique

NobelActive is one-of-a-kind in that it gives clinicians the option to adjust the implant position during insertion. Reverse cutting flutes on the apex make it possible to control the desired angulation following final drilling. NobelActive implants—including the new WP models—can be partially reversed and then redirected to achieve the best possible restorative orientation. 

All NobelActive versions demonstrate high fatigue and torque strength, and the WP platform is no exception.

NobelActive’s characteristic internal conical connection, with its conical interface and hexagonal interlocking mechanism, further enhances the strength of this implant, while providing restorative flexibility at the same time. Naturally, the NobelActive WP is compatible with Nobel Biocare’s most innovative restorative solutions. 

These include cement-free options such as the FCZ Implant Crown, and the NobelProcera Abutment with angulated screw channel for easier access and increased esthetic options. 

The implant’s back-tapered coronal design, which can help preserve alveolar bone for better soft tissue support, is yet another feature developed with natural-looking esthetics in mind.

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