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Meeting all your regenerative needs

by: Michael Stuart

Sufficient bone quantity and quality is a key factor in successful dental implant treatment. That’s why Nobel Biocare has introduced creos regenerative solutions – an extensive array of options for guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures.

creos regenerative solutions

The comprehensive creos xenogain product range features a range of creos xenogain xenogenic bone substitutes and creos xenoprotect, a resorbable collagen membrane.

The latest addition to the creos range is the creos xenogain bone substitute. Together with the creos xenoprotect resorbable collagen membrane, it now offers clinicians a comprehensive set of xenogenic options for a wide variety of indications and professional preferences.

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A foundation for implant treatment

The creos xenogain bone substitute has been developed with clinical needs in mind. It is proven biocompatible, and processing methods remove the bovine proteins and lipids.

The natural bone matrix of creos xenogain is characterized by micro­ and interconnected macropore structures. With a calcium phosphate ratio that reflects the composition in human bone and a low crystalline structure, creos xenogain is accepted by the body as a suitable framework for bone formation. Xenogenic bone substitutes have a slow resorption rate and act as a long­lasting scaffold, maintaining space for bone regeneration.

creos xenogain

As depicted here, creos xenogain is available in a bowl, ready for mixing, which eliminates the need for an additional sterile dappen dish.

Easy to handle

For quick and easy application of the graft, creos xenogain bone substitutes are delivered sterile and come either in a vial, in a syringe, or in a bowl ready for mixing.

In addition, creos xenogain collagen is a 10% collagen composite that is available* as a block or a syringe to aid application of the material in certain indications—extraction sockets, for example. There is also a choice of two granule sizes and up to four volume options, offering a wide variety of alternatives depending on the clinical indication and practitioner preference.

creos xenoprotect membrane

The creos xenoprotect membrane exhibits higher strength than other non-cross-linked and chemically cross-linked membranes once hydrated.

Providing a natural barrier

Once the bone substitute is applied, the resorbable creos xenoprotect membrane can be used to hold it in place and act as a barrier to soft tissue ingrowth.

Manufactured using highly purified collagen, it possesses outstanding handling properties that make it easy to reposition and unfold. Hydrated in seconds, but with minimal size increase, creos xenoprotect can be trimmed when dry for accurate placement at the graft site.

Excellent bone augmentation (GBR) results were revealed in a recent clinical study using creos xenoprotect as the barrier membrane. In vitro experiments have shown it to be stronger than other membranes, and with a higher pull-­out force and tensile strength, it offers advantages for membrane fixation. In a subcutaneous model, creos xenoprotect also showed less degradation after 20 weeks than another membrane, together with vascularization behavior and excel­lent tissue compatibility.

Each product in the creos range of xenogenic solutions has been developed to optimize treatment results. Whichever of these scientific­ evidence­-based options the clinician chooses, they can be confident of building a reliable foundation for implant treatment success. 

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* creos xenogain collagen may not be regulatory cleared/released for sale in all markets. Please contact the local Nobel Biocare sales office for current product assortment and availability.