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From the President: Solutions you can trust

by: Richard Laube

Over the past 10 years people have oversimplified the implant industry into two segments: premium and low-cost. At Nobel Biocare we have a very different view.

We believe our customers understand that they pay a premium price because they are more than compensated by the value they receive from a superior system delivering superior solutions for treating their patients.

There are many aspects to our superiority: High primary stability when needed, a breadth of implant selection matching patient needs and indications, superior treatment predictability, and extensive research, documentation and clinical studies. Most decisively, Nobel Biocare’s implants perform at a superior level when used within an integrated system to treat patients.

Unfortunately, there is an alarming trend of mixing components for treatment. We know this because our post market surveillance is identifying an increase in issues related to “mismatching” components—implant fractures, poor seating, inadequate sealing, and the list goes on.

While there may be a modest short-term gain by mixing low-cost components, the long-term cost is exponentially higher when the total solution fails. Nobel Biocare is not simply a premium-priced company. 

It is the industry innovator delivering superior total solutions you and your patients can trust.

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