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FOR shines in the Big Apple

by: Natalia Martinez

The Nobel Biocare Global Symposium took place from June 23 to 26 in New York City. The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation was there greeting colleagues, supporting the NEXT GEN Forum and celebrating their third anniversary.

Connecting with colleagues, old and new

One of the most valuable opportunities for members of the FOR community from around the globe to meet are scientific events. For this reason, FOR had a booth at the Nobel Biocare Global Symosium 2016, where they had the chance to meet both old friends and new colleagues interested in benefitting from the educational and scientific tools found on It was a pleasure for the FOR team to discuss and exchange with all of them on a wide variety of topics. Amongst others, they were glad to present their latest digital educational materials. Some examples include an e-paper on temporomandibular disorder management, a new tool to help predict the risk of peri-implant pathology, and their new 3D animations on bone resorption and implant drilling protocols. 

FOR exchanging ideas with colleagues at the FOR booth 

Empowering the NEXT GEN

Since its inception, FOR has had a close relationship with young clinicians, with their website in particular offering them a platform to network and share their clinical work with the world. At the NEXT GEN forum, they were glad to support a group of 12 professionals who each shared their knowledge on cutting-edge topics in dentistry. From guided surgery and 3D printing, to soft tissue management with provisionals and dental photography geared towards patient case acceptance, the group astonished the audience with both their sophisticated clinical skills and presentation capabilities.

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Young speakers at the NEXT GEN forum. From left to right: Drs. Julie Hemar, Aina Mesquida, Jeannette Chua, Lucy Weibull and Ricardo Peniche.

Celebrating their 3rd anniversary

Surrounded by friends and colleagues in the most cosmopolitan metropolis on the globe, the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2016 constituted the perfect framework for the celebration of the 3rd anniversary since their inception on the occasion of the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium in 2013. The entire FOR team took this opportunity to thank the FOR community for having shared this journey with them. 

The atmosphere of clinical and scientific exchange together with the presence of colleagues made FOR’s participation in the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2016 a success, and they plan to follow-up on it by sharing the general session lectures presented there on Stay tuned for more.

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