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Dr. Ole T. Jensen wins Nobel Biocare Brånemark Osseointegration Award

by: Michael Stuart

Dr. Jensen is the ninth winner of the award, which will be presented at the Academy of the Osseointegration Annual Meeting on Februrary 20, 2016.

The Nobel Biocare Brånemark Osseointegration Award is given annually by the Osseointegration Foundation (OF), the philanthropic arm of the Academy of Osseointegration (AO).

It honors an individual whose impact on implant dentistry is exemplary in one or all of the Foundation’s mission categories: research, education, and charitable causes.

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Recognized for “putting patients first”

According to OF President Dr. Mollie Winston, who will present the award at the event in San Francisco, “Dr. Jensen is the ideal recipient of this award because he truly carries on the tradition of putting our patients first.

“He is a distinguished clinician, researcher and osseointegration educator who is quite worthy of this honor.”

A collective achievement

Speaking about receiving the award, Dr. Jensen said: “In a strange way, this award is not given to its recipient but is rather bestowed each year in the Brånemark tradition to honor our patients who are precious, beautiful and valued.

“The award is a collective effort, one which no single individual can claim to achieve on their own. The Brånemark tradition reminds the profession of dentistry of where we have been and where we might go in our humble quest to help restore our fellow human beings.

“This award means the world to me, especially in the year following Professor Brånemark’s passing.”

Previous Nobel Biocare Brånemark Award winners include include Drs. Stephen Parel, Daniel Buser, William R. Laney and George A. Zarb and Professors Daniel van Steenberghe, Ulk Lekholm and Tomas Albrektsson.

For more information about the Nobel Biocare Brånemark Osseointegration Award and Dr. Jensen’s achievements, head to the AO event website.

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