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NobelGuide is digital precision for all indications

by: Jim Mack

For 10 years and counting, NobelGuide has been a leader in guided surgery for clinicians seeking peace of mind through increased treatment predictability.

NobelClinician - digital treatment planning

Beginning with the initial diagnosis and moving to the first guided drill, whether edentulous or not, NobelGuide supports clinicians from beginning to end. And with more than 40 publications assessing its clinical application, NobelGuide has been documented in more than 950 patients with over 5900 Nobel Biocare implants.

As a complete treatment concept for diagnostics, treatment planning and guided implant surgery, NobelGuide helps to diagnose, plan the treatment and place implants based on restorative needs and surgical requirements.

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NobelClinician - digital accuracy and predictability

Visualization of patient's anatomic structures and diagnostic wax-up using the SmartFusion. Virtual placement of NobelActive NP for the lateral incisors and NobelActive RP for the central incisors.

Diagnose and plan

NobelGuide is powered by the NobelClinician Software which helps provide a complete anatomical picture by assessing detailed 3D patient scans. Implant placement is easily visualized on screen where the clinician can take into account important factors such as the availability of bone and prosthetic needs. 

With NobelGuide, clinicians can choose to complete the whole surgery fully guided, or to use a surgical template just for pilot drilling. The range of pilot drill surgical templates has been extended to cover both partially edentulous and edentulous cases.

Guided pilot drilling assists you in achieving the correct angulation, direction and depth of the first drill when placing implants in narrow spaces or close to the inferior alveolar nerve. (Case courtesy of Prof. Alessandro Pozzi, Italy)

A new edentulous option

New pilot drill templates can now be used for the All-on-4® treatment concept, helping to ensure accuracy every time by simply guiding the initial drill according to your NobelClinician treatment plan.  

For edentulous patients the workflow includes the radiographic guide with a double-scan protocol. After the clinical diagnosis, the diagnostic tooth setup is fabricated and validated before being transformed into a radiographic guide. 

After (CB)CT scans of the patient and radiographic guide, the implant position is defined and the individualized surgical template is ordered and everything is ready for surgery.

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