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Congenial, collegial science in practice

by: Frederic Love

Summer was just getting started in New York this June as the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium was called to order in the heart of the largest metropolis of the United States. Osseointegration experts traveled both East and West—many of them from the far corners of the world—to participate in this world-class event.

It was a Global Symposium best characterized by superlatives: The greatest number of attendees, the best known names in the field of science-based implant dentistry, and the most enthusiastic audiences I’ve ever seen at an event like this. We listened and learned from both respected pioneers and up-and-coming researchers and clinicians alike.

When you bring well-over two thousand implant professionals together at a well-conceived and well-executed symposium—and do so in a venue like the Waldorf Astoria— good things are bound to happen.

Knowledge is shared. Skills are transferred. Smiles of recognition and even laughter break out as professionals interact with newly made friends who face similar challenges and comparable rewards abroad.

Those four early summer days in New York rushed by in an ebb and flow of formal presentations, relaxed receptions, hands-on learning, challenging dinner conversations, and even a classic Nobel Biocare reception at the New York Public Library.

“Everyone” was there

Look at the faces to the right and what do you see? Dentists, surgeons, prosthodontists, periodontists, laboratory technicians, nurses and office staff to be sure, but also surface physicists, biomechanical engineers, statisticians and economists as well. No matter what your question, at the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2016, you could find someone with the expertise to answer it.

Many of the people represented in the above image gallery have written for Nobel Biocare News in the past. Many more will be writing for you in the future. Whatever you do, don’t miss the next edition! 

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