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Bringing innovation back

by: Frederic Love

A complete posterior solution - Nobel Biocare brings innovative new technology to the molar region.

A complete posterior solution

Large extraction sockets, limited accessibility, tough-to-remove excess cement and high occlusal forces—these are just some of the challenges a clinician faces when restoring a single tooth in the posterior. Given that molar replacement is among the most common indications, these challenges are encountered regularly in most dental implant practices.

With an ingenious combination of new wide-platform implants and restorative options—all specially designed for molar sites—Nobel Biocare is now presenting a complete, state-of-the-art posterior solution.

This solution efficiently and predictably addresses the problems of molar replacement in order to make life easier for both the dental professional and patient alike. The company is offering not one but two complete implant systems especially well suited to meet posterior challenges. Both are intended to shorten time-to-teeth for the patient by providing high primary stability.


One option is NobelActive, whose distinctive design and surgical protocol combine to provide sufficient primary stability for Immediate Function in cases where it might not be possible with other implants.

Designed like all NobelActive implants for high primary stability— even in soft bone and extraction sockets—a new wide platform (WP) connection provides a diameter ideal for the molar region. The wider body provides a better fit for the large extraction sites typical in the molar region and presents a wider implant platform for an optimized emergence profile.

NobelParallel CC

Option two is NobelParallel Conical Connection (CC), which combines a well-documented parallel-walled implant body with an advanced internal connection. NobelParallel CC consequently offers extraordinary flexibility. Engineered for use in all bone qualities, the NobelParallel CC WP 5.5 mm option has been designed to provide predictable placement and an optimized emergence profile in large molar sites.

Together, the implant design and the straightforward surgical protocol of this new product form a formidable combination that’s intended to allow Immediate Function in many cases by providing sufficient primary stability.

Both new WP implants feature Nobel Biocare’s internal conical connection with a hexagonal interlocking mechanism that provides high mechanical strength. It goes without saying that they are also compatible with Nobel Biocare’s most innovative restorative solutions.

Totally cement-free

Designed specifically for the posterior, new anatomically shaped PEEK healing and temporary abutments are designed to match molar contours for an optimized emergence profile; and when it comes to the final restoration, the NobelProcera FCZ (full-contour zirconia) Implant Crown is designed for strength and predictability even under the high occlusal forces of the posterior. 

Screw-retained, the FCZ Implant Crown completely eliminates the need for cement (even the titanium adapter is mechanically retained); and Omnigrip tooling and screws make it possible to angle the screw channel by as much as 25° in any direction off the screw axis. Naturally, this revolutionary solution provides easy access and secure handling despite the limited vertical space and visibility characteristic of the posterior.