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Bringing evidence-based implant knowledge to life

by: Carolyn Moncel

FOR enters the field of digital publishing with a multimedia eBook.

FOR’s first digital textbook, entitled Single Implants and Their Restoration, provides “anywhere-anytime” access to best practices in single implant restoration and oral hygiene.

With the release of FOR’s new digital textbook, entitled Single Implants and Their Restoration, co-editors Drs. Charles J. Goodacre and Dr. Pat Naylor are giving clinicians even more reasons to smile.

Complete with over 900 images, 40+ videos and more than a thousand scientific and literature references, Single Implants and Their Restoration is an evidence-based and comprehensive primer that provides clinicians and dental students with well-researched information on a broad range of topics, including the benefits of single implants and oral hygiene maintenance.

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The digital textbook can be viewed on the website or downloaded to either an iOS or Android device, thereby providing “anytime-anywhere” access to both textual and richly-displayed visual content with a simple click of a link.

Compiled with the help of 27 expert contributors, the digital textbook covers all aspects of single implant  placement and restoration—from initial consultation, diagnosis and treatment planning to bone augmentation, surgical placement, restoration and aftercare. 

The digital textbook includes videos and even opportunities for self-assessment via quizzes at the end of each chapter to further promote knowledge retention and validate learning.

“Educational resources need to provide a synthesis of available knowledge and clinical procedures,” says FOR Global Education Chair and Board of Trustees member Dr. Goodacre—who worked on the project for more than a year. “Richly illustrated and scientifically up-to-date, this book contains videos, when appropriate, and permits readers to self-assess their knowledge acquisition.”

Always up-to-date

Initially designed primarily for university-level graduate and post graduate students, the Single Implants and Their Restoration digital textbook aspires to become an invaluable resource for anyone interested in implant dentistry—from clinicians to dental faculty and study clubs.

“This digital textbook is the perfect lecture companion in the classroom and is ideal for inciting debate and discussion during study group exercises,” said Brian Volken, who served as FOR Center’s senior project manager on the eBook. 

“Because the textbook is fully-digital and updated regularly, clinicians wishing to expand their knowledge can always expect to access the latest scientific information.”

Access to the digital textbook is free to dental students and FOR Associate Fellows who are premium subscribers. Non-fellows can download a sample chapter.

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New opportunities abound

“My greatest personal rewards as an educator have occurred when I see the ‘light bulb’ of enthusiasm turned on in a student’s mind,” says Dr. Goodacre. “To see them pursue knowledge and expand their inquisitiveness are cherished moments, and I believe this resource can help to ignite exciting opportunities for those who choose to use it.”

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