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Bone gain with creos xenoprotect

Head-to-head comparison of bone-gain dynamics with creos xenoprotect and Bio-Gide in dehiscence defects.

creos xenoprotect

This ongoing prospective, multi-center RCT compares the clinical performance of creos xenoprotect (CXP) and Bio-Gide (Geistlich) collagen membranes for the treatment of dehiscence defects.

Both membranes facilitated bone growth during the six months of healing. Defect height at re-entry reduced by 81% for creos xenoprotect and 62% for BioGide. The maximum membrane exposure rate observed at week three was 8.7% with creos xenoprotect compared with 16.7% with Bio-Gide.

Although differences between the two brands were not significant, creos xenoprotect showed a trend toward higher bone gain and a lower membrane exposure rate. Clinical results with creos xenoprotect to support implant placement in dehiscence defects were not inferior to the standard Bio-Gide.

Studies with larger sample sizes may validate that the previously reported superior in-vivo results of creos xenoprotect (Bozkurt et al. 2014, Dahlin et al. 2015) are clinically relevant.

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