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The biggest trends in implant dentistry in 2017 – Prof. Chantal Malevez

We asked Prof. Chantal Malevez what she predicts the biggest trends and changes in implant dentistry will be in 2017.

Prof. Chantal Malevez

"I believe that extraction followed by immediate placement of implants and immediate loading will be used more and more routinely in the coming year.

The development of the zygomatic concept is ongoing as well, and I am pleased to see that more and more practitioners are interested in this area. A new trend that could possibly emerge is guided surgery for zygomatic implant insertion. 

Optimization of implant placement is another trend. First we had positioning of implants according to the anatomy, then we had prosthetic-driven implant placement. Now we should see implants being placed in a way that limits the differences between a natural tooth and the implant – biomaterials and developments in growth factors could help make this a reality.

As for my own professional plans and goals for the year ahead, I will continue to teach the use of zygomatic implants – visiting teams to help them start. I have come to realize this really is necessary for their first case, particularly if it is a quad case (using four zygomatic implants)."

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