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As innovative today as the day it was launched

by: Christian Ebener

Tried and true, Nobel Biocare’s Snappy Abutment provides an elegant solution to a number of vexing restorative problems.

Predictable, efficient seating - Snappy Abutments

Back in the early 2000s, Nobel Biocare’s product development team interviewed a group of leading clinicians to learn more about their needs and concerns. During these conversations, the restoration of dental implants in the posterior was discussed at length. The clinicians called attention to two main challenges: thick mucosa and limited vertical space.

In 2005, Nobel Biocare released a solution to meet both these challenges, and a decade later, Nobel Biocare’s Snappy Abutment remains a popular choice for clinicians, offering both predictability and efficiency.

The sound of perfect placement

Thick mucosa in the posterior can make it difficult to restore on implants in this area. It can interfere with the process of placing the healing cap and impression coping, making it hard to know whether the correct seating has been achieved.

The Snappy Abutment eliminates this uncertainty as its associated healing caps and impression copings literally “snap” into place, indicating that the clinician can safely proceed to the next step of the treatment process.

The lack of space in the posterior is also less of an issue for clinicians opting for the Snappy Abutment.  The short Unigrip screwdriver makes tightening the abutment screw as easy as possible when there is little room to maneuver. 

To make life even easier for the clinician, a screwdriver is not required for the placement of the snap-on impression coping, which is designed with a very low profile to provide maximum free space.

The Snappy Abutment also makes treatment more comfortable for the patient. As it plays the role of both the temporary and final abutment, there’s no need to interrupt soft tissue healing. Overall, it makes treatment faster and more straightforward, and significantly more cost efficient.

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Snappy Abutments - versatile assortment

Versatile assortment - Whatever the clinician’s preferred implant connection, there’s a Snappy Abutment to match. Snappy Abutments are available for all Nobel Biocare implant connections: internal conical, internal tri-channel, and external hex. 

No mistaking a quality restoration

Clearly laser marked, it’s quick and easy to identify which size of Snappy Abutment the clinician is working with. For the tri-channel and conical connection versions, identification is simple thanks to color-coding. Members of the same referral network can even talk colors instead of sizes.

What’s more, for the sake of efficient inventory control, all the components needed to complete a case with a Snappy Abutment come in a single package. The abutment, the screw, the healing cap, and both the temporary and impression copings are not just delivered together, but sterilized too, so they can be used straight out of the package.

In summary, whether a clinician is new to implant dentistry or a practitioner with decades of experience, Nobel Biocare’s Snappy Abutment provides an efficient and predictable restorative solution for the posterior. 

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