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The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation shines at IDS 2017

by: Natalia Martínez

The International Dental Show, the premiere tradeshow in the world of dentistry, took place between March 21–25 in Cologne, Germany. FOR was there and claimed its spot as a leader in the digital educational sector in dentistry.

Meeting colleagues from all walks of the dental profession

With its almost 140,000 visitors, IDS is attended by colleagues of diverse specialties and different professions within oral healthcare. From endodontists to oral and maxillofacial surgeons, to dental technicians and practice managers, representatives of all walks of the dental profession dropped by the FOR booth, attracted by the breadth of resources available for the entire dental team via This created the opportunity for fruitful new collaborations, including the publication of new technician-oriented content.

FOR at IDS 2017

Ursula Stocker (left) and Joel Samsinger (right) from FOR at the booth 

Spreading the word of sound clinical practice

IDS represents an invaluable opportunity to present FOR’s educational and scientific resources to the broader dental community. Clinicians, representatives of dental associations and professors from countries as diverse as Tunisia and Colombia had the opportunity to experience FOR’s educational resources first hand. Discussions regarding how to bring FOR to the communities which they lead or educate back home took place at the FOR booth.

FOR greatly relies on advocates and influencers to spread the word of sound clinical practice, rendering these networking opportunities invaluable. After only two weeks of the closing of IDS, these new connections have helped to once again broaden the scope of FOR’s reach.

Making new connections at FOR booth at IDS 2017

Natalia Martínez from FOR (left) and Francisco Teixeira Barbosa (right) at the FOR booth 

Announcing exciting new content

Cologne also represented an opportunity to discuss upcoming new assets with tradeshow visitors. Among others, a new e-paper on connective tissue grafting, authored by Dr. Teixeira Barbosa, pictured above (right), will enrich FOR’s digital e-paper library in the upcoming weeks.

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