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5 things you need to know about NobelProcera Services

by: Chris Kendall

For busy technicians, NobelProcera Services now offers more support options than ever before. Here are the five facts you need to know about NobelProcera’s ever-expanding range of outsourcing opportunities for the scan, design and production of precision-engineered CAD/CAM restorations.

NobelProcera prosthetic scan and design services

1. No equipment costs

Investing in new in-lab milling equipment is one option for expanding a lab’s offering. For some lab owners however, the initial investment can be off-putting or even prohibitive. Maintenance costs also need to be taken into account and there’s the practical consideration of finding space in the laboratory for new equipment. Outsourcing with NobelProcera Services means you can offer an expanded product range without initial investments. There’s not even a need to purchase a scanner or software, as models can be sent direct to NobelProcera’s skilled technicians for scanning and design. Alternatively, the technician can provide scan data or a full design for industrial production – the choice is theirs.

The flexibility of the service is something that many technicians may find appealing. NobelProcera Services can be utilized whenever the case requires it, with no risk of expensive equipment being underutilized.

Centralized production site in Mahwah, New Jersey

2. Only precision-engineered components

NobelProcera’s centralized production facilities use advanced industrial milling technology to provide technicians with implant restorations that are designed for high quality and a precise fit. NobelProcera crowns, abutments and bars all meet the required regulatory requirements, e.g., FDA clearance, CE marking etc., while all NobelProcera restorations are backed by a five-year warranty to give technicians and their customers peace of mind. In addition, Nobel Biocare implants restored with a NobelProcera restoration are covered by a lifetime guarantee. It’s also important to note that restorations from over 170 other implant platforms are also available via NobelProcera Services.

NobelProcera’s range of innovative restorations for Nobel Biocare implants offer ease-of-use enhancing features such as the angulated screw channel (ASC) option. The NobelProcera ASC solution allows the repositioning of the screw access hole in cases where it would otherwise be on the facial or incisal edge, or when occlusal space is limited. At the same time, the cement-free ASC option can also improve retrievability.

Precision-fit NobelProcera Abutments and Crowns

3. Wide selection of scanners supported

There’s a greater chance than ever before that a dental professional’s scanner of choice is supported by NobelProcera Services. The ambition is for as many scanners as possible to link with the service, provided they meet the high standards required for implant dentistry. Well-known brands such as 3Shape® and iTero® are among the manufacturers of the 25 desktop and intraoral scanners compatible for submitting cases to NobelProcera production, and the list of supported scanners continues to grow. 

4. Intraoral scanner workflow with online ordering now available

As intraoral scanner technology continues to improve, uptake among clinical teams is likely to increase. Dental professionals that prefer to take digital impressions using intraoral scanning technology can now be catered for easily using a fully digital NobelProcera Services workflow for abutments. Technicians can submit the case to the NobelProcera team easily using an online order form – no additional software is required.

A 3D printed model

5. Co-packing for added convenience

CAD/CAM implant bars, abutments and crowns have been available through NobelProcera Services for some time, but the scope of services offered has now expanded. Newly added is a co-packing option that provides a simple restorative workflow for intraoral scan cases. This allows the technician to receive the NobelProcera Abutment or Crown co-packed together with a 3D-printed model from approved vendor Dreve. It’s a helpful option when working with digital impressions, where a traditional model is not produced as a matter of course. 

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