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Nobel Biocare 2017 Symposia – Voices in the crowd

by: Frederic Love

The final Nobel Biocare symposia of last year—held in London, on November 10-11, 2017—has proven as successful as all the others held earlier that year. Most impressive: The science behind the products.

Nobel Biocare Symposia 2017

From locations as widespread as Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Mexico, Russia, China, the US, Japan, the Netherlands, Croatia, and the UK, upbeat reports from organizers and participants alike have been overwhelming. They all seem to want to do it again.

Among the thousands of dental professionals who attended Nobel Biocare symposia this year, here are a few of the voices we’ve heard:

“The scientific program in Dubai was outstanding,” said Professor Nabil Barakat of Lebanon. “The renowned clinicians who lectured succeeded in relating how Nobel Biocare has always joined science and innovative technologies in the constant evolution of their products to better serve dentists and their patients.”

Nobel Biocare Symposium 2017, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Something for everybody

Dr. Beatriz Aranguena of Spain, who attended the symposium in Santiago de Compostela, agreed. “We enjoyed a top-level scientific program. For me, the highlights were the interdisciplinary approach, the live surgeries, and also an excellent program for the laboratory technicians, who play a very important role in treatment—all of which is crucial for the benefit of patients.”

On the other side of the globe, Professor Ye Lin of China said, “The Nobel Biocare symposium in Huangzhou was well-organized with fantastic academic topics. It provided dentists with a good chance to be exposed to the latest ideas and technologies of the dental implant industry.”

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