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Slim Abutments launched at Spanish Symposium

Dr. Iñaki Gamborena hosted the official launch of Nobel Biocare’s new Slim Abutments at the Spanish Symposium, having been involved in the development of the product range.

The new Slim Healing and Slim Temporary Abutments have a unique design that provides clinicians with plenty of space for placing soft tissue grafts. This additional room and flexibility to work enables incredible soft tissue results for excellent esthetics.

Slim Abutments are available to purchase in many markets on the Nobel Biocare online store.

Innovation and emotion

The event combined technology, such as 3D mapping and presentations, with a more human touch. Moving patient stories were presented and each speaker was introduced with a video that gave insights into their personal lives.

This was greatly appreciated by delegates, as was the mix of experience and youth among the speakers. Half of the twenty-six presenters were young clinicians or lab technicians, and the lectures and hands-on programs they hosted were deemed excellent by attendees.

As the sun went down in Spain at the end of a memorable event, it was also setting on a program of successful 2014 Symposia for Nobel Biocare. Nine events in as many countries have all helped achieve the same goal: helping more customers to treat more patients better.


Dr. Jose Luis Mendez: “The level of speakers was high and the themes are directly relevant for my work.  It is not lost time if you can attend a Nobel Biocare Symposium. It serves as a great review of the treatment techniques that are in use at the leading edge of dentistry, and it gives you a clear indication of where the industry is heading for the foreseeable future.”

Maria Angeles Salcedo, Laboratorio Dident: “After attending the Symposium in Alicante last year, I wanted to relive the experience, and for us it was very rewarding. The parallel session for laboratory technicians was a real highlight. The content and speakers was very interesting. For us it has been such a positive experience that it is not to be missed”.

Dr. Maria Teresa Sanz Maestro: “I was pleased to have such an interesting scientific program in close proximity to my city. I really enjoyed the live surgery sessions.  I recommend fellow dental professionals to attend a Nobel Biocare Symposium if possible, as there is always new information to be gained, plus the whole event take place in a very friendly atmosphere.”

Dr. Carlos Brañanova: “What struck me most is the high level of the workshops, many led by young professionals who certainly have a very promising future.

“I would not miss the opportunity to update knowledge of specific high-level methodologies and to socialize with my peers. It’s also valuable to harness the support of Nobel Biocare as a company.”

Dr. Rosario Cuesta: “At a Nobel Biocare event, quality and good organization are guaranteed. Undoubtedly, the workshops are the best.”