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Celebrating originality in Belgium

by: Vibeke Oestergaard

The attendees at the Nobel Biocare Symposium in Belgium got the latest information on the integrated treatment workflow, discussed the multi-factorial causes of peri-implantitis and discovered the importance of using original Nobel Biocare components. They ended their day with a 'swinging thirties' themed get-together and left the event with some original souvenirs.

When the 350 dental professionals arrived at the Albert Hall Complex in Brussels for the Belgian Nobel Biocare Symposium on October 17, they got a warm welcome. Not only did Nobel Biocare hostesses escort the participants from the parking area to the venue, Oscar, Nobel Biocare’s mascot, greeted everyone at Albert Hall.

The scientific program was kicked off by the renowned Belgian periodontists Professors Eric Rompen and Marc Quirynen, who gave a thought-provoking lecture on peri-implantitis. They were followed by the main speaker of the symposium Doctor Peter Wöhrle, whose lecture focused on the advantages and reduced treatment complexity of new treatment concepts such Nobel Biocare's integrated treatment workflow. 

On top of his lecture, Doctor Wöhrle hosted two sold-out NobelClinician workshops the day before the actual symposium. During these sessions, a total of 40 participants were trained on how to use the NobelClinician software. They were given the opportunity to plan their own case as well.

In the afternoon, Professor Stefan Holst took to the stage and gave a lecture on the importance of using matching, original components that have been tested as a system. He also took the chance to give the attendees a proper introduction to Nobel Biocare’s innovative Angulated Screw Channel Abutment. The scientific program ended on a high note as Doctor Peter Schüpbach asked everyone to put on 3D glasses to watch an engaging movie about the TiUnite implant surface.

Jazzing it up

As something new, the Belgian Nobel Biocare team had integrated a live Q&A system in the app for the symposium, allowing the participants to ask questions during the presentations. These questions were projected live to the screen behind the presenters and discussed by the moderators at the end of each lecture.

In the evening, the attendees got to enjoy an original get-together as part of the venue was transformed into a ball room. The theme for the party was Swinging Thirties, and the entertainment included a live jazz band and a colorful and festive dance group.

The participants didn't just leave the symposium with new ideas and inspiration; they were also presented with a goody bag containing items of real added value. Everyone got a one-year membership of the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation and a USB stick with a free demo version of Dental Master's 3D patient communication software to increase treatment acceptance rates. They also received Nobel Biocare Belgium's recently launched Patient Treatment Box, which can be used to store the components, information and treatment records for patients treated with implants.

All of this served to support clinicians in improving quality of life for their patients. And, most importantly, it helped them be able to explain to their patients why they chose Nobel Biocare. It all links back to the theme: Be original, tell the story...

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