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Tried and true

by: Peter S.Wöhrle and Aki Ogata

Full-mouth rehabilitation with high comfort, stability and esthetics

In this case of moderate bone resorption, a patient who was dissatisfied with her dentures received an entirely new, bone-anchored, third dentition.

The patient in this case was a 56-year-old woman who had been wearing upper and lower removable dentures for approximately one year when she first came in for a consultation concerning bone-anchored alternatives.

Her chief complaint was about the discomfort of her dentures, but as we discussed the matter, it became clear that changes in her speech and worries that the dentures might fall out were also contributing to her well-articulated sense of insecurity.

She told us that in addition to these overriding concerns, her removable dentures felt “foreign” to her, and that she was looking for a more esthetically pleasing solution.

Promising status

An excellent candidate for implantsupported, full-arch restoration, the patient’s overall health was very good. She had no medical issues.

At the oral examination, she presented an edentulous maxilla and mandible, both with moderate bone resorption. The top of the edentulous ridge was outside the esthetic zone.

After further discussion with the patient, we decided upon fixed implant-supported bridges for the sake of high comfort, stability and esthetics.

We carried out implant treatment planning in NobelClinician Software and chose flapless implant placement using NobelGuide. At the time of implant placement, we used fixed temporary restorations.

As can be seen in the photos below, the final restorations were built on NobelProcera Implant Bridge frameworks.

Great care was taken with the porcelain veneering, with naturallooking restorations for the missing teeth and gingival tissue as a result.

Although healing times can vary from case to case, the total elapsed time for total treatment with this patient was six months.

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